J a w n - D i s

by Storm Blooper

The debut album from Storm Blooper released on July 13, 2013.

All Songs Written by Storm Blooper for the original Nintendo Gameboy (1989) handheld
Recorded & Mastered by Chris Davidson
Release by 8static

-The Captain is Dead and So Are We
-Ginger Quest 64
- Good Luck
- Tritanopia
- Fathoms

Special thanks to Chris Davidson, 8static, Evan Cairo, Emily Feder, All of Philly Chip, Daniel Davis, Paul Weinstein, Chris Burke, Josh Davis, Tamara Yadao, Ricardo Almonte, Jessen Jurado, Luis Moreno, Chris Penner, Bryan Dobbins, Shane Banegas, Piko Piko Detroit, I/O, Pulsewave, Chiptography, and so many more!